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Our team is made up of a group of hard-working, dedicated individuals who  are passionate about the impact an American education can have on our  students.  Whether working with students, host families or schools, each  member of the Ivy team brings unique experience to ensure the highest  quality service to each of our students every step of the way. 

JT Niu, President


JT Niu earned his B.A. in English Education and M.A. in English from the  China Foreign Affairs University, and his Masters of Public  Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School. At Harvard, JT served as  chair of the Kennedy School’s China Caucus. Prior to joining Ivy  International, JT worked as an international affairs analyst for China’s  Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as the spokesman for the Chinese  Embassy in the Philippines. He is passionate about building  international education programs that will help change the life of young  people and contribute to friendly relationship among the countries

Anna Katten, Director of Admissions


 Anna earned her B.A. in East Asian Studies, concentrating in Chinese  Language and Literature, from Wesleyan University. She enjoys working  with young people, and has taught Chinese in both a charter and  independent school setting. Anna has also served as private tutor in  both Chinese and ESI. She spent time living in Taiwan, and has travelled  to Mainland China many times. Anna’s background in education and  Chinese culture enables her to provide optimal support to our students  and partner schools to ensure that they receive the best experience  possible through our program. 

Clara Wen, Director of Student Support


 Clara Wen earned her B.A. in Philosophy and Law from Tsinghua University  in China, and received her Master of Public Administration from Cornell  University. Prior to joining Ivy International, she has worked in a  variety of capacities at places such as the UN, a consulting firm, a  publishing cooperation, and a local non-profit. She is passionate about  promoting cultural exchange between China and the U.S., and helping  Chinese young people fulfill their American dreams. With her experiences  in consulting and business administration, Clara is able to support our  overall program operations and business development well. 

Sue Trimble, Sr. Director of School Partnerships


 Sue joined Ivy three years ago with multiple years of experience as a School Board Vice President, Director of Admissions, Designated School Official (DSO) with the US Department of Homeland Security, International Program Coordinator, and Host Family Coordinator. These experiences have provided her with a well-rounded insight to all matters  relevant to the international student experience. In her current position, Sue provides strategic support to Ivy's school partners. Working closely with school leadership and Ivy Student Support Division, she seeks solutions that respect the mission of the school while keeping  student welfare central. Having a strong interest in setting high standards for the level of care students receive, Sue has participated in CSIET conventions domestically and abroad. Sue has a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from the University of Stockton. 

Diana Ryan, Director of Global Programs


Diana earned her Bachelors of Business Administration from The Ohio  State University and TEFL certification from Boston Academy of English.  She joins Ivy International Group with multiple years of experience in  global education and ESL instruction. Diana spent many years at EF  Education First, where she developed international learning  opportunities in countless schools through educational travel and  cultural exchange.

For over a decade, Diana has traveled and taught English across the  world. She has spent significant amount of time in China, Japan, Hong  Kong, Vietnam, and more. Her passions for shaping the global perspective  for tomorrow’s generation will be an asset in providing your school with top-notch support for your international prog

Lu He, Communications Specialist



Lu He earned her B.A. at Xi’an  International Studies University in China majoring in English Language and Culture, and later received her M.A. in International Relations and International Communication from Frederick S. Pardee School of Global  Studies at Boston University in the U.S. 

Lu started her career as a TV journalist and senior editor, then joined Ruder Finn (Beijing) as Senior Account Executive. She also worked at United Nations Secretariat in New York  monitoring news coverage and creating media alerts for the entire UN system. Passionate and dedicated, Lu is hoping to help more international students accomplish academic study and adjust themselves to American culture and society

Junwei Fang, Executive Assistant to the President



Junwei earned her M.S.ED. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from University of Pennsylvania. She received her B.A. in English from Northern Arizona University and Beijing International Studies University. Junwei has been working with international students as academic advisor, college consultant and admissions counselor since 2010. She has also taught ESL, TOEFL and IELTS to Chinese students for more than 6 years. She understands very well the needs, lacks and wants from international students based on her previous experience.

Having strong communication skills and passion for education, she is able and willing to assist with Ivy International Group and support students to achieve their goals.

Xinyan Hu, Enrichment Program Manager


Xinyan obtained her Master's Degree in Education Administration and Leadership from Boston College. She has over eight-year of professional experience related to education. Prior to joining Ivy team, she worked for the Education Department of the National Eleventh Five-year Plan in China. Since she joined Ivy, Xinyan conducted a series of interview named Talk to the Administrators in the Top American Private High Schools, which were broadcasted on TencentVideo. She also hosted the Education Forum in Philadelphia in 2016. Xinyan has a great passion of offering international students instructions on how to improve their academic performance. She is currently the Enrichment Program Manager, overseeing Ivy's summer and winter exchange programs. 

Mengying Xu, Educational Research Analyst



Mengying Xu had worked as an English tutor and an Education Consultant for many years before coming to the U.S. She enjoys interacting with students of all grades and helping them achieve their dreams by providing practical and insightful advice. She completed her M.S. degree in Analytics from the University of New Hampshire before joining Ivy International. “Back then, I was a dedicated professional who provides all-round support to students,” says Mengying, “and now with my expertise in data analytics, I could provide more data-driven suggestions to motivate them.”

Lin Zuo, Regional Manager (West Coast)


Lin Zuo is based in Los Angeles, and she is a regional manager of student support on the West Coast (CA/OR/WA). Lin also has five years' working experience in China as a Marketing and PR Manager with Youyou Software Co., Ltd. She has a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication from the University of Oklahoma and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from Beihang University in China. Her expertise also focuses on cross-cultural communication and pubic relations.

Victor Li, Regional Manager (Pennsylvania)


 Victor Li earned his Ph.D. in Genetics at the University of Iowa. He has worked as a medical scientist in universities and as a manager in a  pharmaceutical company for many years. Over the course of his twenty years of living in the U.S., Victor has spent a great deal of time and efforts in helping college and graduate students from China adapt to American culture successfully. Victor is excited to be part of the Ivy team and to help our students build lasting friendships with American families.

Wenbo He, Regional Manager (New York/Connecticut)


Wenbo received her M.A. in Intercultural Communications from Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich, top ranking university in Germany. After joining Ivy in 2016, her responsibilities range from recruiting American host families, managing communication between local schools, host families as well as parents in China, and supervising students’ performance. Diligent and thoughtful, she has a great passion on assisting the students in conducting efficient intercultural communications.

Wendy Wang, Regional Manager (Massachusetts)


Wendy Wang earned her B.A. in teaching Chinese as a second language from Beijing Language and Culture University. She also studied education and business management at the Harvard University Extension School. Being a parent herself and living in the Greater Boston area for over 15 years has allowed Wendy to work seamlessly with local schools, host families, students and their parents. With many years of experience in teaching and with a deep understanding of the secondary education field, Wendy has helped many international students pursue their academic and cross-cultural educational goals. 

Christina Nicholls, Program Coordinator (Florida)


Christina completed her B.A. at Southwestern University in Intercultural  Communication before moving to China. With a TESOL certification from  Language Corps Asia, she taught English at a University in Cambodia and language schools across China. At Ivy International, Christina supports students, host families, and schools to get the most out of their Ivy experience. Christina loves helping empower students to experience the world through international education and  travel, and is excited to continue helping others develop cultural understanding through Ivy International. 

Yan Zhao, Regional Manager (Pennsylvania/New Jersey)


Yan Zhao earned her Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical Engineering and Master's Degree in Engineering in Automatic Control from Xi'an Jiaotong University in China. Before moving to the U.S, she was a Lecturer in Xi'an Jiaotong University and Zhejiang University for many years. Living in the U.S for nearly 20 years, Yan develops rich knowledge about American culture and society, and her solid experience in helping international students adapt to American style of life won the respect and appreciation of her students as well as their parents.