For Students

A Global Experience

Today’s world is globally interdependent and culturally diverse.  The global leaders of tomorrow are the students of today who succeed  academically and gain the experience of living and appreciating  different cultures and languages. International students learn to  respond confidently to our ever changing world. As a member of the Ivy  International family, our students receive a level of support that  allows them to make an easier transition into the American education system.


Before students even begin school, IIG helps to build a foundation that  will allow them to succeed in their new environment. Through a series of  orientations, IIG ensures that the student, their school, and their  host family or residential faculty member are all prepared for the  challenges and benefits of the international student experience. 


Whether our students are living in Ivy sponsored dormitories or with  carefully selected Homestay Families, life outside of the classroom is  an exciting part of American culture.  IIG students can trust that they  will be in the best possible care, whatever environment they are living in. 


At IIG, we believe that one of the fundamental ways we can help our  students achieve academic success is by providing them with a reliable  and caring support network. We build this support network through  constant communication about, understanding of, and involvement in each  child’s academic progress. In combination with regular communication  between the student, parents, IIG, and the school, this continual,  comprehensive support is crucial to help each child achieve his or her  own academic excellence and recognition. 


At IIG, we understand how difficult it is for parents to send their son  or daughter halfway across the world. We are also honored that the  parents have entrusted us with their child’s education, safety, and  comfort. Furthermore, we believe that parents are an indispensable  partner in creating a successful international academic and residential  experience for our students. Therefore, IIG devotes a significant amount  of resources and time to ensure that IIG parents are informed, listened  to, and supported. 


IIG also handles a wide range of logistical issues for our students. By  doing so, students can devote their time to their studies and enjoying a  rich cultural experience while their parents can rest assured back in  China that IIG has their student’s basic needs covered.  Such support  can include: 

  • Airport transportation
  • Medical Insurance 
  • Counseling Services 

Congratulations on your decision to study abroad! You have taken a bold  and courageous step toward becoming a leader in an ever-changing world.  Ivy International looks forward to joining you on this exciting journey! 


"Ivy  International’s reports about my child’s progress allow parents to rest  assured that everything is okay with our child in America."

Yuchen Yuan,